Just a few short months after a successful launch, the 3 involved publishers grouped together within Magixx are offering a new Luxury Lifestyle Pack, as well as an expansion of the existing Women Pack.

Since early January, Roularta, Rossel and DPG Media are offering advertisers and agencies the possibility of running national campaigns under the Magixx brand. This makes major magazine planning more accessible from all points of view, combing print and digital audiences.

Indeed, Magixx Reach is able to reach 50% of the population as a minimum, and Magixx Women will attract one woman out of three. Several advertisers have already shown a concrete interest in these Packs.

Following closely on this, the 3 publishers have designed the Luxury Lifestyle Pack, which once again combines a powerful reach with a selectivity focussed on the upper social classes, just as the name of the Pack would allow you to assume. It brings together powerful titles such as So Soir (Rossel), dm.magazine (DPG), Knack Weekend/Le Vif Weekend, Trends Style (N+F) and Feeling/GAEL (Roularta).

As has been said, the Women Pack benefits from being strengthened by the inclusion of Max (Rossel), Plus Magazine N+F (Roularta) and Goed Gevoel (DPG).

The Magixx Reach pack also takes advantage of the summer season context, with a magic promotion in the advantageous form of 1+1, applicable to reservations for publication between 1 July and 31 August.

For information contact our ambassador for the Magixx Packs, Tom!