1. Briefing
Westtoer has been calling on Roularta for a number of years and always challenges us to keep thinking about creative formulas with print. On an annual basis we produce 4 to 6 magazines for the various regions of West Flanders, which are then listed with the subscribers of our magazines Knack and Le Vif/L'Express. Here the customer wanted a new concept for their culinary supplement that puts Belgian fish and fish restaurants in the spotlight.

2. Our proposal
We came up with the idea to make a luxury newspaper, in tabloid format, 20 pages thick. With success: the concept was very well received at the press day of Westtoer.

3. Mediamix
The luxury newspaper was blistered with the subscriptions of Knack and Le Vif/L'Express + 2 x double page with a selection of restaurants were published in the special issue Knack/Le Vif Weekend Top Recipes. 
Digital: online competition at knack.be/levif.be listing all the seafood restaurants at the coast with their chefs. Readers had a chance to win a delicious gastronomic weekend.