The Flemish Centre for Agro- and Fishery marketing (or VLAM) promotes our products: meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants, ...

For their 'Fish of the month' campaign and for the promotion of veal, VLAM has collaborated with Libelle and Libelle Lekker.

For the 'Fish of the month' VLAM works together with the North Sea Chefs to conjure up lesser known fish on our tables. Roularta Brand Studio developed a cross-media content campaign for VLAM in Libelle and Libelle Lekker. With the supplied recipes and photos, contemporary advertorials were made for Libelle Lekker. The material was then reworked for

The culinary editors of Libelle weekly also came up with new recipes with mullet, red gurnard and cuttlefish, which resulted in nine times three very accessible recipes.

VLAM also knocked on Roularta Brand Studio's door for the European campaign to promote veal. Together we opted for a print insertion in the magazine Libelle Lekker, with a summery recipe for tartar.

In the end we want to inspire, and at the same time also inform so we can give the local products a boost. The tailor-made and impactful content will lead to more conversion, and thus convince our readers to cook more with our own ingredients.



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