1. Briefing:

Standaard Boekhandel and Roularta have maintained a fine partnership for many years. Roularta produces, prints and distributes the Standaard Boekhandel magazine at set times. Around the important holidays (gift time!) Knack subscribers receive the magazine with an overview of their wide range of products. 
In 2020 the team at Standaard Boekhandel wanted to work more effectively on the following points of attention: more traffic to the stores and certainly also to the website, a wider reach and greater visibility. Various tailor-made magazines, small magazines with Libelle and thicker magazines with Knack and De Zondag are the perfect fit.
2. Our proposal in terms of concept and media choice:
After a brainstorm with the team of Standaard Boekhandel, we came up with a new approach for 2020:
  • adjusting the existing concepts and creating new perspectives according to the theme and target group of the specific project.
  • our research team evaluates how the concepts appeal to the target group, so that they can be adjusted if necessary.
  • an upgrade of the magazine, both in terms of content and look & feel, so it can evolve from a catalogue to relevant information
  • a smaller magazine with Libelle, a thicker magazine blistered with Knack and De Zondag.
  • new in 2020: Partner content pages in Knack, a new newspaper and a creative concept in Libelle