1. Briefing/objective

The international accountancy and tax consultancy firm PwC wanted to set up a niche campaign towards scale-ups in Belgium. To this end, they organised a business event 'Multinationals of the Future' in collaboration with Trends and Trends/Tendances, linked to native advertising in print and online. The objective was to provide some 50 scale-ups with targeted information about what PwC, as a consultancy firm, can do for them in terms of their growth ambitions.

2. Roularta Content Solutions

Together with experts, the editors of Trends and Trends/Tendances selected ten Belgian companies with great international potential. The magazine and the website presented the ten 'multinationals of the future'. They themselves explained how they are trying to make a difference in their sectors. In the same week of publication (20 November), Trends and Trends/Tendances published the native article in the form of a tête-bêche cover story in which three experts from PwC told how foreign success relies on thorough organisation.    

3. Result/media mix  

Print articles in Trends and Trends/Tendances and web articles on trends.be and tendances.be. The print magazine was first presented to the participants of the PwC event on 21 November. Re-publication of the native content in modified form followed a week later in the Start-Up Guide (special edition of Trends and Tendances) on 28 November.