Five premium car brands - Porsche, AUDI, BMW, DS and Polestar - have chosen to reach the upscale Trends audience through a first-class native file on premium cars.
This is a new mix of content, commercial message and a concrete generation of leads. In short, everything Roularta can offer as a media partner! 

This very exclusive cross-media dossier appeared in Trends/Trends-Tendances on 21 November, with an overview of the novelties that 4 Premium car  brands have to offer. 
The dossier was published online on for 4 weeks, supported by traffic banners in the Trends e-Letter and was also posted as Facebook ads.

QR codes in the print file quickly showed readers the way to videos of the premium car brands. 
Leadgeneration could not be missed here either: the file was integrated into the E-letter Premium Cars and sent to 169,000 Trends contacts. 




Lead Generation