#It clicks between Huawei and Le Vif/Knack Weekend Black... 

Huawei launches the new P30 - Pro: a smartphone equipped with revolutionary high-performance cameras. It competes with professional cameras thanks to its super-powerful zoom, extraordinary colours, ease of use, filters, and so on.


1. Media
The match with Knack/Le Vif Weekend Black is perfect, as both editors set the bar very high when it comes to photography. After all, images convey important messages, often even more than words. Images are ubiquitous in our society today thanks to the combination of lightning-fast digital revolution and increasingly powerful smartphones.

2. Concept
After identifying the right Roularta title, Roularta Brand Studio came up with a creative concept that puts the photograph centre stage. The "Secret of photographers and influencers" campaign is revealed in a guide (A5 format, 52 pages) glued to the cover of the Black Travel edition of Knack and Le Vif Weekend in May.
The guide focuses on 5 photographers and 5 Instagrammers who present their visual highlights within the five favourite pillars of the Weekend editions: fashion, design, beauty, travel and food. Readers discover the "perfect image", while professionals describe the trends and share their secrets.

3. Collaboration
This seamless collaboration between the Black-editions and Huawei is illustrated with Huawei messages on all covers (except Cover 1) and on a central spread in the guide. The "mini Black" offers our readers, who are very open to impactful photography, a range of stunning photos combined with expert content on photography.