1. Objective

For the 3rd year in a row, Deloitte Private, Econopolis and KU Leuven are looking for the best managed private companies in Belgium. The candidates register their company, go through a coaching trajectory and the laureates are rewarded with the quality label 'Best Managed Companies'.

Deloitte called on Roularta to announce the recruitment.

2. Solution

Roularta Brand Studio opted for an approach with impactful formats in print, combined with content articles in print and online.

The Trends community consists mainly of Flemish and Walloon executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs. This target group was approached to apply for the Best Managed Companies.

3. Result

The cover of Trends and Tendances featured an impactful gatefolder with last year's proud Best Managed Companies laureates and the call to action to subscribe. In the magazine we had an in-depth interview with the programme leader of this quality label.

On the website of Trends and Tendances we repeated this in-depth interview, supplemented with testimonials from two laureates, to clarify the impact of this label and to activate company managers to apply.

Print gatefolder

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