De autosector gaat sneller vooruit dan ooit

Today, more than ever, the automotive sector is on the move, with countless innovations and new models of electric cars that are about to break through.
Inspiration enough to dedicate a native series to the 'CAR OF TOMORROW' in Knack and Le Vif/L'Express throughout June.
Each manufacturer has their own vision for the future and all of them have recently developed some great innovations that they want to communicate to consumers.

The native series started on 5/6 on a double page with an objective introduction by our editors and interviews with Minister Bellot (Mobility) and Joost Kaesemans (FEBIAC). 
Over the next 3 weeks, three manufacturers - Jaguar, VW and DS - each share their vision of tomorrow's car.

The series appeared simultaneously on the homepage of knack/ and on double pages in the print edition.
QR codes are used to guide interested readers to the manufacturer's website.