1. Briefing

News hot from the press: bol.com is now selling hip fashion too!

The goal of this campaign was initially to create brand awareness, because although everyone knows bol.com as the online store where you can find almost anything at all, it had not yet built up any credibility in fashion. That’s why bol.com wanted to bring in the expertise of the Roularta Women Brands to promote its autumn and winter fashions.

2. Solutions

+ A series of 4 consecutive integrations in Flair and Libelle

+ We proposed a combination of print & online ads, plus a collaboration with influencers and stylists who have a feel for the target group:

Julie at Bible of Fashion, and stylists Catherine Mys (Libelle) and Marieke De Pauw (Flair) contributed with great enthusiasm.

+ A very editorial-looking approach

+ Different items / styling / angles for Flair & Libelle

+ An activation on social media in collaboration with the Flair online editors

+ The look was genuinely native, but with a clear bol.com stamp to promote brand awareness

+ The stamp was used for both Libelle and Flair