1. Briefing/objective

Of course Belfius is particularly well-known as a broad-based bank, but it also wanted to create specific brand awareness for its private banking activities. After all, many people do not know – yet – that Belfius is also a serious partner for their private banking needs.
Brand awareness needed to be created with credible, well-written texts.
It was crucial to include information about ‘meaningful’ and sustainable investments.

Furthermore, the content had to be usable on the Belfius platforms.
Belfius wanted to focus on online communications, with space for video content as well.

2. Our solutions

+ An online report in 5 sections, specifically in-depth interviews on trends.be & tendances.be

+ For an editorial, credible approach, the interviews were presented in Q&A format

+ Each long read was accompanied by a video in Dutch and French

+ Traffic banners with integrated video clips were used to increase traffic

+ The online reports were also announced in Trends / Tendances magazine with a QR code, to take our readers directly to the online report.